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Hawaii News Now App- Download App on Android and iOS

If you live in Hawaii and you are searching for a news app, then Hawaii News Now is one of the best that you can get because it offers an in-depth and comprehensive view of every story in all categories. It covers all the breaking news, the latest headlines, sports news, all gossips and rumours of the entertainment industry, political news as well as the news of the world. A very strong and robust network of field reporters, journalists, as well as informants, help in gathering the news from all over Hawaii. The Hawaii News Now not only is one of the biggest broadcasters of news in the island nation but also it has sought to increase its presence by releasing the Hawaii News Now app on the two most dominant mobile platforms which are Android and iOS. Considering the growing significance of the Internet, this is the right thing to do.

Hawaii News Now features:

The app is blessed with a very clear and concise user interface. It shows no platter of any kind with the breaking news and headlines on the main page followed by other news articles belonging to different categories and decreasing in importance as the user scrolls down in the app. For easy navigation, there is a pane on the left side which can be expanded to get all the categories that are available and, therefore, read the news categorically.

The breaking news is available in the real-time format so that users can follow it with is without any hiccups. The island nation of Hawaii is strongly influenced by the weather conditions around it and often faces severe Storms and Hurricanes due to which it keeps a very active and alert tab on the weather and also receives information from all the biggest weather stations in and around it so that it can stay safe and protect itself from any danger before hand. The app of Hawaii News Now, therefore, consists of in-depth weather news because the weather is so important for the inhabitants of the island.

Apart from journalists and freelancers, the Hawaii News Now news agency urges and encourages common people of the island to write new stories and send in photos and videos if they are in close proximity to a news source. In this way, all kinds of news from all categories are generally covered in full and have no way to escape the news agency’s site. The Hawaii News Now app supports live streaming on Android as well as iOS devices and also Smart TVs but it has some requirements in hardware and software that must be met in order to stream live.

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As soon as you download and install the app the usual location is automatically retrieved buy the app from the phone’s GPS. If not, then, the app ask the user to input the location information. This is done in order to make it easier for the app to curate content according to the user’s preference. Targeted ads are also delivered this way. Like all other regular news apps, this app also has social media sharing and email buttons as well as photo and video galleries. Offline reading is made possible by content caching.

How to get the Hawaii News Now app?

It is quite simple to get this app on both mobile platforms that include Android and iOS. For the Android platform, a user has to visit the Google Play Store and search for the app by name or You can download it from Here As soon as the app appears the user has to download and install the app after reading through the permissions. On opening the app, it will as the user a question about the location as I have previously mentioned.

For iOS, the process is more or less the same with the user having to visit the iStore I am searching for the app by name in the Search bar at the top of the store. As soon as the app appears you have to download the app and after reading the permissions that the app requires to function adequately, you have to install it.