Hawaii News Now App- Download App on Android and iOS

If you live in Hawaii and you are searching for a news app, then Hawaii News Now is one of the best that you can get because it offers an in-depth and comprehensive view of every story in all categories. It covers all the breaking news, the latest headlines, sports news, all gossips and rumours of the entertainment industry, political news as well as the news of the world. A very strong and robust network of field reporters, journalists, as well as informants, help in gathering the news from all over Hawaii. The Hawaii News Now not only is one of the biggest broadcasters of news in the island nation but also it has sought to increase its presence by releasing the Hawaii News Now app on the two most dominant mobile platforms which are Android and iOS. Considering the growing significance of the Internet, this is the right thing to do.

Hawaii News Now features:

The app is blessed with a very clear and concise user interface. It shows no platter of any kind with the breaking news and headlines on the main page followed by other news articles belonging to different categories and decreasing in importance as the user scrolls down in the app. For easy navigation, there is a pane on the left side which can be expanded to get all the categories that are available and, therefore, read the news categorically.

The breaking news is available in the real-time format so that users can follow it with is without any hiccups. The island nation of Hawaii is strongly influenced by the weather conditions around it and often faces severe Storms and Hurricanes due to which it keeps a very active and alert tab on the weather and also receives information from all the biggest weather stations in and around it so that it can stay safe and protect itself from any danger before hand. The app of Hawaii News Now, therefore, consists of in-depth weather news because the weather is so important for the inhabitants of the island.

Apart from journalists and freelancers, the Hawaii News Now news agency urges and encourages common people of the island to write new stories and send in photos and videos if they are in close proximity to a news source. In this way, all kinds of news from all categories are generally covered in full and have no way to escape the news agency’s site. The Hawaii News Now app supports live streaming on Android as well as iOS devices and also Smart TVs but it has some requirements in hardware and software that must be met in order to stream live.

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As soon as you download and install the app the usual location is automatically retrieved buy the app from the phone’s GPS. If not, then, the app ask the user to input the location information. This is done in order to make it easier for the app to curate content according to the user’s preference. Targeted ads are also delivered this way. Like all other regular news apps, this app also has social media sharing and email buttons as well as photo and video galleries. Offline reading is made possible by content caching.

How to get the Hawaii News Now app?

It is quite simple to get this app on both mobile platforms that include Android and iOS. For the Android platform, a user has to visit the Google Play Store and search for the app by name or You can download it from Here As soon as the app appears the user has to download and install the app after reading through the permissions. On opening the app, it will as the user a question about the location as I have previously mentioned.

For iOS, the process is more or less the same with the user having to visit the iStore I am searching for the app by name in the Search bar at the top of the store. As soon as the app appears you have to download the app and after reading the permissions that the app requires to function adequately, you have to install it.

Hawaii Travel Apps- Apps You must have before Your Hawaii Trip

Hawaii is an island, rather it is volcanic archipelago on the Pacific Ocean that is a big tourist attraction and a state of The United States of America. Hawaii is actually the name that is given to a group of Islands that consist of the Big Island or the island of Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Niihau, Kauai, and Oahu. These islands draw a lot of tourists because of their unique geographical features. It has volcanoes, a rugged landscape as well as the ocean. Two things that have to be kept in mind are that we also live in the age of travel and the Internet. With communication getting better and better, even the remotest of places can be visited now with ease which has made Hawaii a very popular destination and the fact that the Internet rules the world nowadays also witnesses people trading in the map on papers for more well informed and detailed map on their smartphones. That is why it is easier to now just get the appropriate apps for the place that you are visiting. For example, if you are visiting Hawaii then you must look at the Hawaii travel apps that are present in the app store.

So if you are going to Hawaii, you have to know that it is a very big place and you could easily lose track of the place you are in and several other factors like where to go to enjoy, which are the places that you should avoid as well as what are the sources of entertainment that are available to you as a tourist. Now, the traditional map of earlier times would not help you in all these aspects but thankfully it is now the time and generation of the internet and smartphone apps which help you in every way possible to make your journey for vacation a wonderful one. So let us look at some of the apps that will help you in doing things on your own very easily without fumbling with the Hawaiian language and convincing others to help you.

Hawaii Travel Apps:

Well, to start off, you have to get the flight tickets to Hawaii so that you can reach the island and have some fun. For this, you have the Hawaiian Airlines, which is the official air carrier. It has an app which makes booking flights very easy. Like any other travel app, it asks for information about the type of trip, the number of travelers, the boarding place, the destination, and the date of travel. Through this app, you can easily check the flight schedules, receive a boarding pass on your phone itself, and also check-in in advance from the app. It has come under a lot of fire, though, due to a number of problems that users have often experienced in the app. It has often been reported that the apples for graphic quality, is not very detailed, a very bland interface, a very slow loading app and an app for most of the features and tools do not work. It has been noticed that in more than 50{58195c5cec53a6dbed5de05bc109a66e4c2c891497a9d39e0d9a6da4fb6451d2} of the reviews, users have insinuated that apart from ticket booking, the app is really not helpful for any other purpose.

  1. The first Hawaii travel app that we are looking at is the Your Guide to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. As you may be knowing Hawaii has some volcanoes that you can see for yourself from close proximity. Hawaii is actually located on the belt called the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is a series of active and dormant volcanoes that line the Pacific coast and explode sometimes. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a restricted area that has been built in honor of these volcanoes. Since the party is very big and offers a lot of adventures you should take this app so that there is no confusion about what you intend to do when you are in there. As soon as you get the app, you will notice that it is brown in color but has a very simple user interface which has 3 categories which help you in determining why you need to use the app. You can visit the Activities category if you are looking for some, oh you could visit the new section for news related to Hawaii and the National Park and lastly you could visit the section for kids if you are taking them along with you on your vacation. As soon as you go to the Activities area you will find a lot of options present to enjoy like the option to hike on a number of trails and you could also use a bike or car to get around.
  2. Now getting to the practical side of it, you will be needing a WiFi or Internet connection as soon as you land in Hawaii and for that, you need to use the app called WiFi finder. With this app, you can easily scan for WiFi Hotspots around you get public WiFi if it is available. With this app, you can also scan and analyze the connection of the WiFi and the wonderful thing about this app is that it works both offline and online. By saying that you can analyze the WiFi connection I mean to say that you can test how fast it is as well as the number of users who are using the Wifi at any time and you’ll also get information if somebody is trying to hack your phone. The latest version of the app has come out with over 500 thousand free and paid WiFi locations in over 140 countries in the world.
  3. Apart from the volcanoes, Hawaii is also known for the innumerable number of wonderful beaches that it has on offer. The beaches are full of sand and sparkling water which makes Hawaii even better. Like I was saying, if you want to know which beach is the best among the hundreds that are available, then this app is most suitable for them. As soon as your type in “Hawaii Beaches” in the app, you will see all the available ones listed. These listed apps are then categorized unclassified to serve the preferences of a user better. It has very good and in-depth knowledge of every beach and the features of each beach so that people would know about the right place to visit when they visit Hawaii. The one thing about this app is that it is a paid app and for both Android and iOS, it costs $2 to download.
  4. The next app that we are going to talk about is one that people cannot live without. It is one of the main motives of traveling. You have guessed it right; I am talking about food. This is one of the best Hawaii travel apps that can be found on the smartphone market for people who love food and it is called Hawaii- What Chefs Eat. One of the best food apps that describe the local cuisine of Hawaii is this. It is a very simple user interface but is very efficient in function as it accurately provides all the best places to eat while you are in Hawaii. That is partly because the top chefs of Hawaii control the content of this app and therefore you cannot go wrong with this one. This app provides the inside scoop about what the best Chefs in Hawaii eat during the time off. It features the best restaurants to eat and also has categories which are divided into specialized restaurants making specialties of their own. If you are an average follower of cooking shows and know all the famous Chefs around the world then you might recognize one or two from the list that this app uses in order to determine the best food in Hawaii. Chef Alan Wong of Alan Wong’s, Chef Roy Yamaguchi of Roy’s Restaurant, Chef D.K. Kodama of d.k Steakhouse and Sansei, Chef Bev Gannon of Maui, Chef Ed Kenney of Town, Chef David Paul Johnson of David Paul’s Island, Chef Jon Matsubara of Azure, and Chef Colin Hazama of Kauai Grill. Food is not the best when it is cooked properly but also when it is accompanied by the right drink and is made with the right ingredients. For that the app also has some appointed experts like Master Mixologist Joey Gottesman of Mai Tai Bar & Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya of Vino, and Farmer Dean Okimoto of Nalo Farms so that it cannot go wrong in any way.
  5. Surf Report is an app that gives its users a complete overview about the condition of the ocean as well as any beach on any island of Hawaii. It provides users with the weather forecast, the temperature of the water, wind conditions, a 24-hour tide chart, and the time the information about these things was last updated. The best thing to do is getting the app, installing it and then opening it up every day in the morning to plan your schedule according to the conditions mentioned in the map. In this category, however, one of the best apps that keeps track and provides information about weather conditions as well as water conditions, is the Billabong Surf report app. This app is available both on Android as well as the iOS mobile platform.
  6. The Hawaii Traveller is an app that every user must download and install before their visit to the island nation because it is an app that provides a lot of information. Is basically a magazine that publishes travel and lifestyle information of the people of Hawaii. The culture of Hawaii is also very vividly portrayed as well as guides to relax at the best beaches, shop at the best shopping centers, participate in the most exciting adventures available as well as getting the best of the Hawaiian cuisine, be it street food or one found in 5-star hotels. What makes this app really popular and attractive is the huge number of pictures that are published here along with very interesting editorials about what to do and how to do it in Hawaii.
  7. We all know that Google Maps will be pre-installed on your phone as also maybe a few other mapping apps, but make sure that you have the Maps.me app with you at all times when you visit Hawaii because its offline viewing feature is one of the best that is available and in a wild country like Hawaii it is very easy to get lost without any cell phone signal, which in turn makes other maps completely useless. Maps.me, however, offers on offline feature there is no Internet connection required as well as you can save your money during roaming. You can easily download the map package for Hawaii while sitting at home and then use it when you are on the island. This app is really fast without any lag and does not freeze, most importantly, like others do. It also has the capability to stored the location of even the remotest cities, towns, and villages of the world. The level of detail has also been raised by users and reviewers worldwide. The auto-follow mode makes this app very useful as the map will follow whatever direction you are walking or traveling in, which is a great feature to have.
  8. If you want to save up some more of your money, then using public transportation is one of the best ways. However, you may be concerned about the time tables and the timings of the buses but Transit HNL is an app that will help you in resolving this problem. It is one of the best Hawaii travel app because it is a private app and therefore is much well maintained than the official state app which is very slow to load and often delivers incorrect information. This app, however, is very fast in response and also tracks your transport in real time. It also says the point that you have already crossed or traveled and also the names of places where you boarded for the night. It is supposedly one of the Oahu transit apps that has received a considerable upgrade.
  9. If you are a party person as well as a foodie then the Festivals of Hawaii app is a must have for you. This is one Hawaii travel app that you cannot do without because it has information assimilated into it that you cannot gather on your own. The app says that how I celebrate every day of the year throughout the 8 main Islands. So if you are staying in one Island it is next to impossible to know whatever is going on in another one in advance. Only this app provides you with this information. As soon as you enter the island, what the type of celebration or festival that you want, you will get a list of everything that is going around Hawaii otherwise a short notice so that you can prepare yourself and travel from Island to Island to attend the events. The other option to click a Near Me button to get information about everything that is going on near you otherwise you could get all the categories available which offer a celebration or a gala. Categories include art and music, cuisine, ethnic culture, eco-tourism, health and wellness, as well as, all signature events. Photos, descriptions, dates, addresses, and websites of events are provided on the app itself.
  10. If you are in a foreign place, then it is good to know a bit of the language of the place. The Hawaiian words- Translation and Dictionary is one of the best teach you a bit of the Hawaiian language so that you can communicate with local people without much difficulty. Once you open the app you will find a space where you can type any word and the app will translate it in Hawaii and offer it to you. There are over 1700 Hawaiian words that are present in the app and they appear in the form of a dictionary decide which are the English translations. The dictionary also offers the words in audio so that there is no difficulty in pronouncing them.
  11. Well if you are the modern traveler and prefer vacation rentals rather than getting an exclusive hotel room then the HomeAway is the perfect option for you. It provides home from apartments to villas and even castles, wherever you go. It has a presence in more than 190 countries and therefore is a very trusted and reliable app that you can use for your vacation rentals. In this app, you can save and manage your favorite places to stay outside your country and also share it with your friends and family. You can browse through hundreds of results can choose the one that you like the most, then you can book the place at pay from the app itself, as well as, have a conversation with the owner and ask him whatever questions you feel like. You can also survey the area around the place your booking for the things that it can offer you like activities and all the great restaurants around the place.
  12. The last app that you should be needing is the Pau Hana time app. Pau Hana means “finished” in Hawaiian and this term generally refers to the Happy Hour of any restaurant or establishment. We all know what Happy Hour means, and therefore, this app is very useful when you want to unwind after roaming around throughout the day taking in the beauties of nature. You can open this app and just put in your location and it will offer you all the establishments around you that have Happy Hours which you can access. It factors the time in the app to get the desired results. Not only does it show the address of the establishment it also displays at what time the Happy Hour starts and ends as well as All The Deals that are offered in an establishment. This Hawaiian travel app is one of the best in the business and never goes wrong with its calculations.
  13. Last but not the least, you need to be aware of everything that is going on while visiting a foreign country and for that, you need to monitor the news. Generally, news that is offered is in the local language and, therefore, it is very hard to get news related updates. Also, big news corporations like BBC and CNN do not cover Hawaii exclusively. You need to get a news app which is in English but is exclusive to the island nation. The Hawaii News Now app is one of the best in this field because it is created and maintained by the biggest news agency and corporation in Hawaii. The Hawaii News Now company is more well known for its news broadcasts on its channels but this app is also at par with its video partner. They have features news from all categories that occurs in Hawaii. More importantly, because the nation is heavily influenced by the ocean and the weather, it provides an in-depth weather report at frequent intervals so that you do not get caught in the odd hurricane. They also stream video live throughout the day.

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So, there you go with all the Hawaii travel apps that you can possibly need and use at the same time in order to get to know the island nation better, and that also without much help from anybody. We have covered all the essentials that a person might need while visiting a foreign country and corresponding to that requirement list we have added the apps that offer those services and, therefore, you should not be facing any problems while on your vacation. Go ahead install these free apps and roam around Hawaii without a care in the world.