Hawaii News Now: Features , Specification and How To Use

Hawaii News Now is one of the island leading news broadcasting services as well as a news agency. It delivers all sorts of news from the latest breaking news to sports and comprehensive weather updates for Hawaii. They have a very healthy and active network of reporters and informants who are spread all over Hawaii making it one of the most reliable sources of news that is available for the small island nation. The broadcasting service is actually quite well known in Hawaii as one of the leading news reporting services while recently it also launched the Hawaii News Now app because of the growing importance of the Internet and also the tendency of the local public to read news on the Internet itself instead of watching the news on TV.

Hawaii News Now app features:

The Hawaii News Now app is available both for Android and Apple devices. It covers all the local regional as well as national news because of its reliable and strong network. The breaking news is also given very much importance and is displayed in the real-time format so that people can follow the stories live and maintain their interest. The weather forecast is covered in depth by Hawaii News Now because weather plays a crucial part in the lives of the people of the island. So weather information is gathered from all significant weather stations and then displayed for the public.

A good way that this new service has created so that no news, no matter how insignificant or major it is, escapes their grasp. They have done this by encouraging its users as well as all the people of Hawaii to write stories and sending images and videos voluntarily if they are close by to any news source. The app is really well laid out and is minimalistic in design which makes it very simple and straight forward. There is a menu on the left side of the app, where categorized news is available, and the user can search for news depending on the category. The main page of the app display all the breaking headlines of the day and the news is arranged in order of descending importance as the user scrolls down.

This news app also supports live streaming but on 4.x devices which means that it is supported on Android platforms which are above Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. The app is readable on both smartphone and tablet devices. As soon as you download and install the app, it will ask you for your location so that the app can customise and curate content that might interest you. Apart from that, the location information is also used for targeted ads.

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Other features in the app include social media sharing buttons as well as email sharing options, the ability to modify font sizes, the capacity to cache information so that offline reading is made possible as well as photo and video galleries.

Hawaii News Now verdict:

The app might look a bit outdated to users who have used the modern news website apps because of the presence of elements that are archaic. A significant complaint that has often been seen in reviews about the app is that it has a lot of typing errors as well as grammatical errors. It has also been insinuated that this new service is a bit biased and relies more on half truths then real, investigated news stories. Also much has been made out of links that do not work. Broadcasting wise it is one of the biggest, and it has earned a lot of applause and accolades, but the app certainly needs more work to become as prominent as the broadcasting service.


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