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8 Reasons Why You’d like Happn over Tinder

For many years Tinder has been one of the most popular dating apps people know about. Actually, many of us didn’t even talk about other apps that are out there due to millions of people using Tinder. But times have changed.

We now know of many dating apps that are way better than the popular ones and that also have many new features. One of such apps is Happn. In case you are wondering what to choose in Tinder vs. Happn

Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely go for Happn.

1) No limits on Like:

Tinder is free up to a limit. After swiping through some matches, we all have faced a fork in the road- go premium or shut the app until the next day. And as we know, we have to shell out some dollars to get access to more profiles. In Happn, this won’t happen. For real. You don’t have any limits on the number of likes that you are allowed

2) Real-ity:

Tinder is notorious to have many fake profiles that may seem like a dime. In Happn you cross your path with real people who live near you are where you are at. Isn’t that better than trying to like someone only through pictures?

3) No Rush to Like or Reject:

In Tinder you get to options, swipe left to reject or right to like them. There’s usually one of the two that you may have to do before you can access other matches.  Happn will let you see as many matches as are available around you.

You can also take your sweet time deciding if you want to like back a match or not by bookmarking/secretly liking them.

4) Based on Your Likes:

Happn takes a lot of information from its users to create an in-depth dating experience. You can take a real good look at the profiles before you take things forward. I think that is loads better than just swiping right because of a good-looking picture. But again, if looks are all that you want to consider, then you can meet many cute and attractive people on Tinder.

5) Do You vibe the same?

You can link your Spotify with Happn. That way you can take a nice look at similar music choices before you like them back. As we said, you really get to know a lot about your match’s interests so that you guys can have loads to talk about.

6) Happn Goes in-depth:

Happn is all about getting in depth. You can add a lot about yourself, your likes and dislikes and about yourself and read the same about another before you heart them back. Tinder won’t let you know more about your partner apart from looking at their bio and images. If you just want a thrill go ahead with Tinder. Will it be anything serious later? We can’t guarantee.

7) Happn decently, please:

Tinder users, especially girls talk a lot about getting plenty of dirty matches. I think most of us know why the majority of folks are using the app. If the shoe fits, you can try it as well. But Happn lets you maintain a more matured and real-life like dating experience. I mean, the app won’t ask for your location just like that, would it?

8) Also, It’s free:

Forget about going premium to get the best. Happn is absolutely free along with providing you with more decent matches.

On the downside, there are only a few problems…

1) More attractive people on Tinder:

Tinder doesn’t show your location, that’s why people show off (if you know what I mean). So you can try your best luck in getting a right swipe back in return from one of the many attractive Tinderellas. Whether all of them are legit or not, we can’t say for sure.

2) More users: 

You heard it. Many people don’t want to share their location with the app, that’s why they often, drop out. Tinder, that’s why has many users as compared to Happn.

3) Match Turnover: 

As many people have started out on using Happn, you can expect that you may not always get plenty of matches to choose from or turn down).

Have more to add? Comment away. It might just end up helping a newbie. Till then Happy dating.

Ways to Prevent Cyber Crimes and Online Fraud

Ward Off Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are on the rise. Every individual who uses the internet gets inadvertently exposed to cybercrimes. If you think that cybercrimes are limited to the stealth of your money, you are wrong!  Cybercriminals are getting smart with each passing day and coming up with more nefarious ideas. The best way to prevent cybercrimes is to recognize them. Second thing is to take a few precautions while using the Internet. Thirdly, you should know who to report if you come across a person involved in cybercrime. Even if you can’t stop cybercrimes, you can at least ward them off by following some simple steps.

Cybercrime: What is it?

Cybercrime is a crime conducted through the use of the internet. It can take place online both primarily and secondarily. A security breach, malware attack, identity stealth, online harassment, etc. comes in the category of cybercrimes. If you want to prevent such cybercrimes to affect your devices and data, you can do so by taking appropriate safety measures.

Ways you can keep cybercrimes at bay

If you exercise a few precautions, you can easily keep a host of cybercrimes away from you.

  • Use antivirus software for your system – Always make sure that you have good antivirus software like Norton Setup and on your system. This gives you enhanced protection against security threats. It keeps you safe from all sorts of malware, spyware, or virus attacks and makes your browsing safe.
  • Set strong passwords – While making accounts on different websites, take care of the passwords you are setting. You should not repeat the passwords and keep changing them regularly. Try to make them complex to make it tough for cybercriminals to guess. You can use password managers to manage your passwords and keep them locked down.
  • Check for the updates of your software – Never use an older version of security software or operating system. Check for the latest updates and download them. This will patch the loopholes and faults in the older versions and help keep your system secure.
  • Make your home network strong – Use Virtual Private Network and encryption passwords to enhance security. A VPN keeps the data you send encrypted until it reaches its destination safely. Thus, hackers won’t be able to get anything but encrypted data even if they manage to intrude into the communication line you are using. Use VPNs especially while using public Wi-Fi at hotels, libraries or railway stations, etc.
  • Educate your children on cybercrimes – It is a must for the children of today’s generation to be aware of cybercrimes. Do start educating them on types of cybercrimes. Further, ensure that your children always reach you if they experience online bullying or harassment.
  • Beware of social media cybercrimes – Social media has become the new playground for cybercriminals to execute their nefarious plans. Try to conceal your personal information as much as possible. The more you share personal details, the more likely it is that cybercriminals use them as data points to attack you.
  • Keep your identity secured wherever you go – You must understand that your identity is not safe anywhere. The moment you go online, your identity becomes susceptible to stealth and other cybercrimes. Don’t share your travel plans every time on social media. Use a VPN while using public Wi-Fi’s to keep your identity protected.
  • Plan a strategy in advance to cope with cybercrime – You should always make it a point that you don’t ignore any cybercrime. Be it small or big, seek help from local police always. It will help them to arrest such cybercriminals and prevent them from harming other persons in the future.  

Final Thoughts
So you see how cybercrimes can wreak havoc if you don’t know how to guard yourself against them. You can use the ways discussed above to prevent yourself from cybercrimes. With a combo of good antivirus software like Norton Setup and other effective strategies, you can stay on top in fighting off cybercrimes.