8 Reasons Why You’d like Happn over Tinder

For many years Tinder has been one of the most popular dating apps people know about. Actually, many of us didn’t even talk about other apps that are out there due to millions of people using Tinder. But times have changed.

We now know of many dating apps that are way better than the popular ones and that also have many new features. One of such apps is Happn. In case you are wondering what to choose in Tinder vs. Happn

Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely go for Happn.

1) No limits on Like:

Tinder is free up to a limit. After swiping through some matches, we all have faced a fork in the road- go premium or shut the app until the next day. And as we know, we have to shell out some dollars to get access to more profiles. In Happn, this won’t happen. For real. You don’t have any limits on the number of likes that you are allowed

2) Real-ity:

Tinder is notorious to have many fake profiles that may seem like a dime. In Happn you cross your path with real people who live near you are where you are at. Isn’t that better than trying to like someone only through pictures?

3) No Rush to Like or Reject:

In Tinder you get to options, swipe left to reject or right to like them. There’s usually one of the two that you may have to do before you can access other matches.  Happn will let you see as many matches as are available around you.

You can also take your sweet time deciding if you want to like back a match or not by bookmarking/secretly liking them.

4) Based on Your Likes:

Happn takes a lot of information from its users to create an in-depth dating experience. You can take a real good look at the profiles before you take things forward. I think that is loads better than just swiping right because of a good-looking picture. But again, if looks are all that you want to consider, then you can meet many cute and attractive people on Tinder.

5) Do You vibe the same?

You can link your Spotify with Happn. That way you can take a nice look at similar music choices before you like them back. As we said, you really get to know a lot about your match’s interests so that you guys can have loads to talk about.

6) Happn Goes in-depth:

Happn is all about getting in depth. You can add a lot about yourself, your likes and dislikes and about yourself and read the same about another before you heart them back. Tinder won’t let you know more about your partner apart from looking at their bio and images. If you just want a thrill go ahead with Tinder. Will it be anything serious later? We can’t guarantee.

7) Happn decently, please:

Tinder users, especially girls talk a lot about getting plenty of dirty matches. I think most of us know why the majority of folks are using the app. If the shoe fits, you can try it as well. But Happn lets you maintain a more matured and real-life like dating experience. I mean, the app won’t ask for your location just like that, would it?

8) Also, It’s free:

Forget about going premium to get the best. Happn is absolutely free along with providing you with more decent matches.

On the downside, there are only a few problems…

1) More attractive people on Tinder:

Tinder doesn’t show your location, that’s why people show off (if you know what I mean). So you can try your best luck in getting a right swipe back in return from one of the many attractive Tinderellas. Whether all of them are legit or not, we can’t say for sure.

2) More users: 

You heard it. Many people don’t want to share their location with the app, that’s why they often, drop out. Tinder, that’s why has many users as compared to Happn.

3) Match Turnover: 

As many people have started out on using Happn, you can expect that you may not always get plenty of matches to choose from or turn down).

Have more to add? Comment away. It might just end up helping a newbie. Till then Happy dating.

Ways to Prevent Cyber Crimes and Online Fraud

Ward Off Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are on the rise. Every individual who uses the internet gets inadvertently exposed to cybercrimes. If you think that cybercrimes are limited to the stealth of your money, you are wrong!  Cybercriminals are getting smart with each passing day and coming up with more nefarious ideas. The best way to prevent cybercrimes is to recognize them. Second thing is to take a few precautions while using the Internet. Thirdly, you should know who to report if you come across a person involved in cybercrime. Even if you can’t stop cybercrimes, you can at least ward them off by following some simple steps.

Cybercrime: What is it?

Cybercrime is a crime conducted through the use of the internet. It can take place online both primarily and secondarily. A security breach, malware attack, identity stealth, online harassment, etc. comes in the category of cybercrimes. If you want to prevent such cybercrimes to affect your devices and data, you can do so by taking appropriate safety measures.

Ways you can keep cybercrimes at bay

If you exercise a few precautions, you can easily keep a host of cybercrimes away from you.

  • Use antivirus software for your system – Always make sure that you have good antivirus software like Norton Setup and Mcafee.com/activate on your system. This gives you enhanced protection against security threats. It keeps you safe from all sorts of malware, spyware, or virus attacks and makes your browsing safe.
  • Set strong passwords – While making accounts on different websites, take care of the passwords you are setting. You should not repeat the passwords and keep changing them regularly. Try to make them complex to make it tough for cybercriminals to guess. You can use password managers to manage your passwords and keep them locked down.
  • Check for the updates of your software – Never use an older version of security software or operating system. Check for the latest updates and download them. This will patch the loopholes and faults in the older versions and help keep your system secure.
  • Make your home network strong – Use Virtual Private Network and encryption passwords to enhance security. A VPN keeps the data you send encrypted until it reaches its destination safely. Thus, hackers won’t be able to get anything but encrypted data even if they manage to intrude into the communication line you are using. Use VPNs especially while using public Wi-Fi at hotels, libraries or railway stations, etc.
  • Educate your children on cybercrimes – It is a must for the children of today’s generation to be aware of cybercrimes. Do start educating them on types of cybercrimes. Further, ensure that your children always reach you if they experience online bullying or harassment.
  • Beware of social media cybercrimes – Social media has become the new playground for cybercriminals to execute their nefarious plans. Try to conceal your personal information as much as possible. The more you share personal details, the more likely it is that cybercriminals use them as data points to attack you.
  • Keep your identity secured wherever you go – You must understand that your identity is not safe anywhere. The moment you go online, your identity becomes susceptible to stealth and other cybercrimes. Don’t share your travel plans every time on social media. Use a VPN while using public Wi-Fi’s to keep your identity protected.
  • Plan a strategy in advance to cope with cybercrime – You should always make it a point that you don’t ignore any cybercrime. Be it small or big, seek help from local police always. It will help them to arrest such cybercriminals and prevent them from harming other persons in the future.  

Final Thoughts
So you see how cybercrimes can wreak havoc if you don’t know how to guard yourself against them. You can use the ways discussed above to prevent yourself from cybercrimes. With a combo of good antivirus software like Norton Setup and other effective strategies, you can stay on top in fighting off cybercrimes.

How to Fix Quicken Error CC-508 | Working Methods

This Quicken Error CC-508 occurs while downloading your bank transaction history or information directly from your bank to your Quicken Canada software. This error may also occur when your bank is trying to promote your personal information or trying to update them. Whatever the cause is, you can solve the certain error code by checking out the steps I have mentioned in the post.

You can get the simple solutions to fix the Quicken Error code CC-508. If you have tried all the steps available on the internet, and still not getting the job done, you can check out the solutions I have provided here for your convenience.

Causes of Quicken Error CC-508

Quicken is an important software for the individuals and companies that update their financial information daily. If you are experiencing some issues while downloading your personal data from your bank using your Quicken for Windows software, you can check out the causes, I have given here.

  • Your Quicken software is not up-to-date
  • Quicken file that you have downloaded, having problems
  • You need to refresh your online financial information
  • You have not confirmed your bank credentials yet.

Quick announcement: You may also face Quicken Error CC-506 and Quicken Error CC 501 while using your Quicken online services.

3 Simple Steps to Fix Quicken CC-508

You can follow the 3 simple steps which I have given to fix the Quicken error codes. Follow the instructions one-by-one.

Step one: Make sure you Quicken is up-to-date

  • Open Quicken on your computer
  • Open help, then check for updates
  • If your Quicken is UpToDate, you do not have to worry, in case you are missing the updated version, it will send you a notification to install the latest update of Quicken software
  • Click yes to install the latest release
  • It will take some time to install the updated version of Quicken software, you can wait or exit the window, the process will be saved.


Step two: Refresh your online bank account data

  • Go to your account
  • Click update now (ctrl+alt+U)
  • Enter your bank password
  • Click update now
  • If you can update an account, then follow the same process to update the other accounts that have the same problem.

Quick announcement: You may encounter Quicken Error CC-892 and Quicken Error CC-800 during the update of your Quicken account.

If the above-mentioned process does not work, you can follow the ones listed below:


Step three: Deactivate/reactivate Quicken account

  • Go to account tools, open account list (ctrl+A)
  • Click on edit on the account that shows the error code
  • Click on the online services option
  • Click deactivate
  • Click yes
  • Then click ok
  • Then click done.

To verify your Quicken files, follow these steps:

  • Open file>file operation> validate and repair
  • Check the validate files
  • Press ok
  • Click yes to save the transactions

For reactivating the account again, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to tools, open account list (ctrl+A)
  • Click edit on the account that shows the error code
  • Click on online services and click set up now
  • Put your bank login info
  • Save password
  • Click connect
  • Click next
  • Then finish.

So far, the instruction I have provided, are enough to resolve the error code. In case you are still experiencing the error, let me know via commenting below.

Kodi For Nvidia Shield Installation – A Complete Guide

Do you know what Kodi is? Before explaining the installation guide, one should know about this software, and what exactly is it! Kodi is one type of software which you can download easily on your devices, like on laptop, PC, TV, and on mobile. Kodi is an open source of media player which permit you to access different types of content, containing music and videos. And people can run the content anytime from any device easily like laptop, TV, tablet, and phone.

kodi on nvidia shield tv

What Can You Do with Kodi?

Kodi offers several advantages to their customers. They offer different types of formats containing AAC, OGG, and MP3. With video, Kodi works with the 3D, H.264, and other services and then proceed. This software can able to add videos, extras, and trailers and more.

Kodi with the Nvidia Shield: 

When you want to check the content, Kodi has been one of the famous applications of software. But before installing it, there are several things you need to know about the Nvidia shield. There are many Kodi addons available, and you have to choose the best one easily. If you are looking for the Kodi for your Nvidia shield, then it is awesome! There are lots of people who thought Kodi just provide an important role like media player, but it is not true. Kodi can offer a lot more than that!  If you will buy this software for Nvidia shield, you will get lots of advantages.

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What is Nvidia Shield?

Nvidia shield is one of the best players which is used to streaming and this is the best thing for the gamers. It is a device through which people can get brilliant gaming experience.

Kodi On Nvidia Installation Process: 

There are lots of people who are thinking that Download Kodi on Nvidia is a complicated process. But it is not! It is actually very easy. The installation process is very easy because you just need to power on your shield TV. And then you have to search for the Kodi and then install. But during the installation, there are several things you have to consider.

  • First, check the easy process to install and it takes normally five to ten minutes easily
  • Power on the shield TV and you will get a large screen with different types of icons connected to different applications. And from here you will find google play store.
  • In the Google play store, write or type Kodi to get the application icon on your shield field.
  • During the search option, search for the term XBMC and you will get the original version.
  • Once you get, just click the installation process and then the software will take some time to install and then you just need to click as per requirement and the software installs easily.

So, install this software on your TV or laptop or phone and use it anywhere. Experience the game and its other advantages.

Common Errors MacBook Users Face and How to Fix Them

The reason that most of the people opt for Mac because of its smooth and flawless performance. But, despite such features, Mac can also cause a lot of trouble. Yes, it’s true that you don’t have to spend hours with viruses, bloatware or driver updates, But, still, there are other problems that are related to the MacBook.

Here, I have tried to sort out the most common and popular Mac problems and their effective solutions. It is always better to know at least a little about Mac diagnosis. So, you can at least try to fix the error all by yourself.

List of the Common Problems of MacBook:

  • Mac won’t start up
  • Mac won’t turn on
  • Grey screen at startup
  • Flashing question mark
  • Frozen Mac
  • Disk repairs
  • Mac won’t shut down
  • Mac is not charging
  • Slow performance

Find Out the Core Problem of the Error:

It is not immediately obvious that what is causing the error. You may not certainly that why is Mac misbehaving. In that case, you need to follow some steps to isolate the main cause of the problem.

These steps depend on the kind of problem you are facing. So, let’s see the list of things you should consider:

Note When the Problem Started:

Did the error begin right after you have installed a new program or software? In that case, the problem may lie with that new software. Maybe that’s a malware attack and the bugs are causing the MacBook error. The software update can also be the reason here.

Check the Software:

Is the problem occurring right after you have updated the software? Did you update the software properly? Make sure that you are using the current version of MacOS. Running the old or incorrect version can also cause the error.

Check each and every Peripheral:

Unplug every peripheral to see if that is causing the problem. Sometimes the external peripheral devices can also cause an error and disrupt the normal functioning of your Mac.

Check Out the Disk Space:

You must always make it a point to check the available disk space. I would recommend all to have at least 10{58195c5cec53a6dbed5de05bc109a66e4c2c891497a9d39e0d9a6da4fb6451d2} of free disk space on your device. If you do not have that free space, make sure you free up space as soon as possible.

Immediate Steps to Resolve Mac Error: 

It’s not easy to resolve errors on Macbook. But, you can follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue.

This is not the only method that would fix the issue. But, you can always give it a try.

Safe Methods:

When you start the Mac in safe mode, it does not load certain software or startup items. Safe mode also executes a check on the startup disk to make you aware of any problems.

Wait for almost 19 seconds after shutting down the system. Press the power button. When your Mac starts, hold the Shift key and leave it when you see the logo of Apple.

Printer Not Activated Error Code 30- Possible Solutions to Fix

Are you one of those printer users who keep on facing Printer Not Activated Error Code 30? This is one of the most common printer issues that occur when the users try to save a document or another file in the form of a PDF file for the purpose of printing. One of the main causes of this problem is that the system is not able to identify the printer on which the user is working. However, there is nothing for you to worry and there are some really promising solutions available for this problem.

Every individual is well aware of the fact that in order to get the best results printer users generally keep Print to PDF as default by using the built settings of their operating systems. But sometimes it happens that this setting does not perform very well and creates a complete mess by displaying Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. This error might also appear if the user is attaching a significant document to his or her on-writing mail. There is absolutely nothing to get frustrated as this nagging issue can be solved very easily.

Solutions for the Problem

There are different solutions that can be used for doing away with Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. However, it is not necessary for the users to try all the solutions. What must be done on the user’s end is first knowing the root cause of the problem and then using the solution that works best at solving the said problem. Some viable solutions for Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 are as follows:

Solution 1:

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done for doing away with Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 is giving your account complete control to the program. If you fail to give your account complete control to run the program with administrator privileges, it might probably result in Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. The steps that you need to follow in giving your account complete control to the program have been detailed below:

  • If your system has a shortcut of the program on the desktop then right click on the icon and click on the option that says Properties. However, if the icon is not present, go to program location and right click on it. Next select Properties.
  • Now select Security pane and click on your account
  • Click on the option that says Edit
  • Select your account all over again and then check mark the box that says Full Control.
  • Next click Apply and then OK.
  • Carry on with the work that you were doing in order to find whether the error has disappeared or not.

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Solution 2:

Another solution to the Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 problem is installing the printer software in safe mode. Most of the times it happens that the software provided by the printer manufacturer causes the Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. Therefore, what you need to do as a user is uninstall and reinstall the software in order to solve the problem. If the printer software is not working properly then it is quite possible that it is the main culprit creating conflicts with other devices and applications running on the computer. A computer is a safe mode will disable all such problems and even load the basic programs. Thus, uninstalling the in-built applications of the printer and rebooting the system in safe mode can solve Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. The steps that need to be followed are:

  • Continuously press the Shift Key for holding it down and while doing so click on the option that says Start in the taskbar. Click on Power icon and then select Restart.
  • This will get your system in safe mode. Once the system is in safe mode, you need to install the printer application causing the error. Next, start with your print job and check whether the problem has been resolved or not. if you are satisfied with the solution, come out of safe mode and have great fun using your computer and your printer.

Solution 3:

Updating your operating system could also work as a solution for Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. If there are any available updated for the operating system that you are using on your computer then it would be a good idea to install all the updates. This is because keeping the operating system updated can make the computer run safe and stable. It will also keep your operating system away from unexpected errors like Printer Not Activated Error Code 30. Updating the Windows system on your computer involves using the following steps:

For Windows 10:

  • Click on Start and in the search box type Update.
  • Next click on the option that says Check for updates.
  • Windows will check for available updates and even install them if they are detected automatically.
  • Reboot your operating system and carry on with your work to find the error disappearing from your system.

For Windows 7:

  • Click on Start and then type Update in the search box.
  • Now click on the option that says Check for Updates
  • This will have Windows checking for updates automatically. If there are updates available, select Install Updates.
  • Reboot your operating system and carry on with your work in order to find whether the error has disappeared or not.


Buoyantly, the solutions provided above will help you in fixing Printer Not Activated Error Code 30.

Download Freedom APK to use Hawaii Premium Apps for Free

In-app purchases and advertisements are always the points of major concern for individual who spend a lot of their time on their mobile phones. Considering the fact that in application purchases and the advertisements are the primary sources of income for the app developers, it is hardly doubted that there is any direct way to remove advertisements and in-app purchases via Google except rooting an app or using apps like freedom apk or lucky patcher apk to do so. But as we say it, where there is will, there is the way. You can always use third party application to remove advertisements from your favorite application and but in-app paid features for free. This can be achieved by downloading Freedom Apk.

Freedom is a third party application that allows you to remove advertisements and make in application purchases for free. The application has been custom built to support the needs of offline games and application users. You must have noticed that many offline games like Hill Climb Racing, Temple Run, etc. kind wants you to buy special coins and gems so that you can enjoy an easy run through the game. Well, if you are addicted to such offline games, then Freedom APK is the best option for you. Let me guide you through the steps of Freedom apk download.

How to download Freedom Apk

Freedom APK is a third party application that allows you to bypass those irritating advertisements on your games and applications, but be lest assured that the application also has its limits. Firstly, the application is supported by Android 2.3 and above only and the device where it will be used has to be rooted. Thus, in case you device is not rooted; you must root your device first to enjoy all the freedom that Freedom application gives you. IN case, your device is above Android 2.3 and is rooted, then simply follow the steps given below and you will be done installing Freedom application in a blink of an eye.

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to download and install the application on your rooted device.

Step 2: Now open the device. If there is no time zone related error, then wait for the application to initialize itself. If the application throws you an error, please change the time zone and check. Repeat the process until you find the correct time zone. In most of the cases, Kathmandu time works absolutely fine.

Step 3: Once the application has initialized itself, a list of applications will appear in front of you. Choose the application for which you want to remove advertisements and make free in-app purchases.

Step 4: Now wait patiently for Freedom apk to work on your favorite application. Once done, your favorite application will open automatically and you will have able to buy all the paid features of the application for free.

Freedom apk is one of the best applications that are currently available in the market for removing advertisements and making in app purchases free. The only trouble that it has is that it does not work with unrooted devices. But if you have a rooted device, then Freedom apk is certainly the best foot forward.

Hawaiian Recipes App- Free Apk Download

Who says you cannot cook up a storm in the kitchen by using apps and software to guide you through the process. Like everything else, cooking apps are also present on the Google Play Store and are actually quite popular. The Hawaiian recipes free app is one that is very popular and can be considered as one of the most famous cooking apps ever. These apps contain everything that is required to cook up a dish. You will get a list of all the items that are required, instructions on how to marinate, and even how to cook and how long it will take for the dish to be completed. Let us take a deeper look into what this app offers to its users.

Hawaiian Recipes App

Hawaiian Recipes App

Hawaiian recipes free app features:

  • The first thing that you will notice about this app is the tremendous amount of information that it contains. It is more of a general knowledge book of Hawaii than a cooking app because not only does it contain recipes but also Hawaiian words and sayings, the Hawaiian island names, and even the landmarks of Hawaii.
  • It contains every kind of dish that can be made in a Hawaiian household and can be considered a Hawaiian specialty. It has appetizers like coconut shrimp skewers and bacon wrapped pineapple. It also has salads like potato-mac salad, Honey-lime fruit tossed salad, sesame cabbage salad, papaya-avocado salad, and tropical salad with Hawaiian vinaigrette.
  • It also has soup recipes like miso, pho, Hawaiian lime, and Portuguese bean soup. There are deserts also like the guava cake, mango bread, coconut cream pie, and the haupia pudding. Now there are main course items also like Hawaiian ribs, Kalua pork, loco moco, teriyaki beef skewers, and macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi, among others.

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  • There are Hawaiian special beverages like Pina Colada, lava flow, blue Hawaiian and the pineapple iced tea. Sauces and condiments that are also native to Hawaii can be created by using this great app which includes coconut relish, Mac nut dressing, Orange soy vinaigrette, pineapple wasabi aioli, and spicy sweet Hawaiian Salsa.
  • The interface of this app is absolutely clean and precise with no nonsense anywhere. If you click on a recipe, you will be redirected to a page containing it. At the top, there will be the name of the recipe along with a short introduction about what it contains and how it tastes. Below it will be a picture of all the days will look like once it is finished cooking and below that there is an indication about how long it will take to prepare, the time needed to cook, and in total how much time it will take to be ready to serve.

How to Download Hawaiian recipes app on  Android device:

As you can see, this is a great app that will provide you all the information that is required to prepare a dish and not only the main course ones but also the ones that are needed in the side thus making it a very versatile app.

Hawaiian Recipes

Hawaiian Recipes

  • What you need to do first to get this amazing application is to visit the Google Play Store and download it from there. You can also download it from Here .
  • You need to download and install it like any other Android app and then you are ready to use it to make some of the best dishes ever.


Hawaii Airlines App- Free Apk Download and Features

We need apps for everything nowadays and travel is not far behind in this era of digitization. If you are a tech savvy person, then you already know that there are applications for everything regarding travel. Hotel bookings, train bookings, and even flight bookings can be made over the Internet through an app. Even special safaris and adventure sports bookings can be made. Therefore, the point is everything can be done using applications nowadays because of the growing importance of the Internet, digitization, and Android which complements both of these. You will find apps in the Google Play Store of all the leading hotels and flight services so that you can sit at home and book all the tickets and rooms in the world. Similarly, Hawaiian Airlines which is one of the foremost flight services in the world also has an app on the Google Play Store so that users can download it and book flight tickets from the app directly sitting in the comforts of home or office. Let us take a look at what this app offers to know whether it is really usable or not especially if you are planning to travel to Hawaii anytime soon.

Hawaii Airlines Logo

                              Hawaii Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines features:

  • This application is quite popular and is available both in the Android app marketplace which is the Google Play Store and also the iTunes store for iOS devices. It simplifies the process of selecting the flight dates and timings and also the booking of the ticket by paying money.
  • By using this app, you not only get the advantage of completing the entire process online but also it gives you all types of notifications and updates regarding your flight. You can also email your flight schedule and from the app, you can directly checking and generate your boarding pass instead of standing in line at the airport. This is a great advantage that the users of this app get because they can easily choose the best seats very easily and before everybody else.
  • There is also a great feature called the passbook which keeps all your boarding passes so that if you want to recollect where you went and on which date you can easily look at those boarding passes and get the information that you need.
  • You also get the advantage of paying the baggage fees in advance and also change or upgrade your seat directly from the app itself. All these are some great benefits that you can get by using this app that you can do everything comfortably and beforehand and you do not have to fret about in the airport.
  • The interface of the app is also very interactive if you were wondering whether this task can be accomplished by senior people. The background is also very vibrant and attractive at the same time with a cobalt blue background. The information is also presented very precisely and cleanly without extra nonsense cluttering up the display page.
  • The requirements of the app also quite low with only Android version 2.2 or above needed and going by the installation of the app above 500,000 times, it can be clearly deciphered that it is a very popular app that can be relied upon to make flight bookings to Hawaii.

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How to get the Hawaiian Airlines app on your Android device?

As you can see, this application is extremely beneficial if you travel frequently to Hawaii as you get a lot of information without having to search on the Internet or run about airports. Follow the steps that are down below and you can get it on your device too.

Hawaii Airlines App

                             Hawaii Airlines App

  • This app is available on all official app stores for all platforms and, therefore, getting it is not a big deal. The app is available on the Google Play Store and you just have to launch Playstore and search for it or if you want an easier way out, You can Download it from Here that will take you directly to the Hawaiian Airlines Google Play Store download page.
  • You can click on the download button and a list of permissions will appear. You have to keep clicking on the next button before it turns into and install button on which you will have to click again. While you are there, you can also choose to check out the reviews.
  • After the download is completed, you can install it like any other Android app.
  • Now you just have to sign up using your email id and a new password and you are set to book flights from the app.

Hawaii News Now: Features , Specification and How To Use

Hawaii News Now is one of the island leading news broadcasting services as well as a news agency. It delivers all sorts of news from the latest breaking news to sports and comprehensive weather updates for Hawaii. They have a very healthy and active network of reporters and informants who are spread all over Hawaii making it one of the most reliable sources of news that is available for the small island nation. The broadcasting service is actually quite well known in Hawaii as one of the leading news reporting services while recently it also launched the Hawaii News Now app because of the growing importance of the Internet and also the tendency of the local public to read news on the Internet itself instead of watching the news on TV.

Hawaii News Now app features:

The Hawaii News Now app is available both for Android and Apple devices. It covers all the local regional as well as national news because of its reliable and strong network. The breaking news is also given very much importance and is displayed in the real-time format so that people can follow the stories live and maintain their interest. The weather forecast is covered in depth by Hawaii News Now because weather plays a crucial part in the lives of the people of the island. So weather information is gathered from all significant weather stations and then displayed for the public.

A good way that this new service has created so that no news, no matter how insignificant or major it is, escapes their grasp. They have done this by encouraging its users as well as all the people of Hawaii to write stories and sending images and videos voluntarily if they are close by to any news source. The app is really well laid out and is minimalistic in design which makes it very simple and straight forward. There is a menu on the left side of the app, where categorized news is available, and the user can search for news depending on the category. The main page of the app display all the breaking headlines of the day and the news is arranged in order of descending importance as the user scrolls down.

This news app also supports live streaming but on 4.x devices which means that it is supported on Android platforms which are above Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. The app is readable on both smartphone and tablet devices. As soon as you download and install the app, it will ask you for your location so that the app can customise and curate content that might interest you. Apart from that, the location information is also used for targeted ads.

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Other features in the app include social media sharing buttons as well as email sharing options, the ability to modify font sizes, the capacity to cache information so that offline reading is made possible as well as photo and video galleries.

Hawaii News Now verdict:

The app might look a bit outdated to users who have used the modern news website apps because of the presence of elements that are archaic. A significant complaint that has often been seen in reviews about the app is that it has a lot of typing errors as well as grammatical errors. It has also been insinuated that this new service is a bit biased and relies more on half truths then real, investigated news stories. Also much has been made out of links that do not work. Broadcasting wise it is one of the biggest, and it has earned a lot of applause and accolades, but the app certainly needs more work to become as prominent as the broadcasting service.