Aloha Friends of Hawaii 2050
Thank you for your participation and interest in the Hawaii 2050 Plan efforts and briefings. The final updated report is posted at the Public Policy Center's website.
Hawaii 2050
Sustainability Plan
What do the people of Hawaii want for the future of our economy, society and environment in the 21st century?

What steps can we take now to achieve that preferred future for our children and their children?

Find answers in the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan – the people’s plan. Produced from one of the comprehensive community-based planning efforts in our state’s history, the Hawaii 2050 Plan is a blueprint for a sustainable Hawaii.

The plan identifies:
  • Goals for Hawaii’s sustainable long-term future
  • Strategic actions to achieve the goals
  • Indicators that measure sustainability
  • Intermediate steps for the year 2020
  • Public accountability for our state’s progress
Download the entire Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan, or read sections using the table of contents at left.

Contact your state Representative or Senator to let them know you support the Hawaii 2050.
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